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Welcome to the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and Innovation! We’re pioneers in marine innovation and technologies, dedicated to addressing global challenges in the marine realm, and leading Israel’s Blue Tech sector.

Our vision is clear: we aim to spearhead a tech-driven entrepreneurial community that prioritizes environmental sustainability and economic growth. As a vital hub for Blue Tech start-ups, we provide essential support and resources, fostering innovation and driving Israel’s prominence in this field.


Collaboration is key to our strategy. We partner with countries across the globe to showcase Israeli tech globally and strengthen international ties.

Locally, we work with government, industry, investors, and academia to drive meaningful change within Israel’s borders.

Located in Haifa, we’re at the heart of Israel’s marine innovation scene, surrounded by ports, universities, and maritime institutes, driving entrepreneurial activity nationwide.

Blue tech startup hub

We act as a vital hub for start-ups in ocean tech, providing the necessary support, resources, and infrastructure to propel them toward commercial success. 


Established in 2022, our center was born out of Israel’s commitment to sustainable ocean management, following the adoption of the Blue Economy strategy in 2018.

Located in Haifa, declared Israel’s Blue Economy center, we’re aligned with global efforts to safeguard oceanic resources.

Our Team


Lior Hanuka

Lior is CEO of HiCenter Ventures, a business-technology entrepreneurship center in Haifa’s Innovation District. Lior has over 20 years of experience in investments and Venture Capital investments, managing and consulting start-ups, advising investors, and leading fundraising processes in Israel and abroad.

Hila Ehrenreich

Hila is Chief Executive of The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and Innovation. Hila has more than 18 years of experience in environment, infrastructure and innovation, mainly in the marine sector. She served as the former CEO of a maritime government company. Hila accompanied dozens of Blue Tech startups and established an international forum on evasive species in the Mediterranean.

Proffesor Shaul Chorev

Shaul is the Director of the Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center (MPS) with the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy. Shaul is a retired Navy Rear Admiral and has held senior positions in the Israeli Defence establishment. Shaul was a Professor in political science, specializing in maritime strategy and Israeli maritime defense policy, and managing several university institutes.
Omri Shamir

Omri Shamir

Omri is Head of Business Development with the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and Innovation. Omri has over 10 years of experience as a Founder and CEO of an open innovation cross-border accelerator, focusing on international go-to-market strategies and execution.
Iris Tzur

Iris Tzur

Iris is Head of International Relations and Marketing with the Israeli National Center of blue economy and innovation. Iris is an ex-Googler with 20 years of international experience in marketing and communications in the areas of tech, sustainability, and government.

Yonit Stern

Yonit Stern is Operations & Human Resources Manager at the Marimite Policy & Strategy Research Center (MPS). With extensive experience in the startup ecosystem, Yonit excels in developing and implementing strategic initiatives that drive cross-organizational success .

Towards a Sustainable Future

At the Israeli National Centre for Blue Economy and Innovation, we are always looking for new partners and others in the wider Blue Economy space to collaborate; not merely to shape the future but to help create a legacy for generations to come – to forge a path towards an environmentally sustainable reality for the years ahead, tackling global challenges and making a positive impact on a global scale.

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