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WATCHIT is a boating safety startup co-founded by Tal Duvdevany (CEO), Eldad Barnoon, Amir Eyal, and Ofer Sela. Their vision is “to set a new standard in recreational boating safety.”

Toward this end, the startup created the patented Smart Prevention System for boats, an AI-based solution that seamlessly integrates with a boat’s existing sensors. The system makes sense of all boat electronics, sending real-time alerts and providing actionable information to captains. This results in the elimination of human error, safeguarding vessels, and saving lives.

WATCHIT is governed by a board of industry leaders and innovators, whose collective expertise and vision guide the company in setting new standards in boating safety.

WATCHIT was founded in 2021 by ex-navy Israeli commanders who recognized a real need to improve water safety for boats. As such, they embarked on a mission, with the support of several investors, to create a smart, user-friendly safety solution to prevent boating accidents.

The company’s Smart Prevention System, based on similar technology in the automotive industry, provides captains and skippers with all the information they need to avoid accidents on the water, including smart alerts like Vessel Grounding, Navigating Congested Water, Ship-to-Ship Collision, and Obstacle Collisions.


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