Blue Tech Summit IL.24



Maygia is a startup developing a water treatment solution utilizing hydrogen, aimed at reducing the costs and carbon emissions linked to industrial wastewater treatment and desalination. This forward-thinking approach seeks to offer a greener alternative to the traditional processes that depend heavily on electricity from polluting sources.

The core of Maygia’s innovation is a compact, plug-in box that harnesses air and hydrogen, steering clear of conventional polluting electricity sources. This design is targeted at mitigating both the financial barriers and environmental impacts associated with current desalination and wastewater reuse practices, positioning it as an attractive option for industries looking to adopt more sustainable operations.

Maygia’s technology is poised to not just safeguard water resources but also unlock new commercial avenues, ensure compliance with environmental regulations, and contribute to solving the water insecurity challenges faced by hundreds of millions of people globally. This initiative represents a significant step towards a future where clean and accessible water is a reality for all.

Dr. Yair Korenblit founded Maygia in 2022. It is based in Haifa, Israel.


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