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BioFishency Ltd. is an Israel-based aquaculture company that develops, manufactures, and markets disruptive electro-chemical and biological aquaculture water treatment solutions for Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

Its fully-controlled water treatment solutions are based on big data analysis and independent of water temperature, which enables the production of healthier seafood products and lowers the carbon footprint.

As BioFishency solutions are highly sustainable, investors, business partners, and customers see unprecedented results in terms of profitability, space-saving, and efficiency.

BioFishency solutions have also succeeded in eliminating the off-flavor that sometimes arises when fish are raised in RAS environments, the number one challenge for the world’s fish farmers.

BioFishency was co-founded by Cobi Levanon and Igal Magenin in 2013. The co-founders realized that technology is the key to leveraging the potential growth of aquaculture production. The traditional RAS growing method, which is efficient but expensive, isn’t relevant for developing countries. These countries need solutions that are both affordable and effective to help make fish farmers more profitable and productive. That’s how BioFishency was born.

The company is headquartered in Israel and also has facilities in China. Its solutions have been successfully implemented in China, Nigeria, Congo, Bangladesh, India, and Israel.


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