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Newlight seeks to address two major challenges across the industry: high fuel consumption and a large environmental impact due to heavy emissions. Newlight’s solution to these pressing issues is a groundbreaking plug-in device that can be used in ships’ existing engines.

The core technology behind Newlight’s solution is hydrogen injection through the air intake system in low quantities and an ML model to regulate the quantity of hydrogen introduced into the system. The flame spread rate of hydrogen ensures more complete combustion and the burning of excess fuel.

Additionally, installation time is less than a week, and ships that implement the Newlight solution can start seeing ROI in only nine months.  

Newlight was founded by two experienced naval officers, Haran Cohen Hillel (co-founder, CTO and CEO) and Evyatar Cohen (co-founder and COO), who recognized an innate problem within the shipping industry.

The problem: The shipping industry accounts for almost 3% of worldwide CO2 emissions – nearly $300 billion annually and more than 50% of OPEX are spent on ship fuel. At the same time, Transitioning from fossil fuel-powered ships to alternative energy vessels is a formidable challenge.

The two created a simple hydrogen plug-in for existing engines, which saves up to 33% of fuel consumption and reduces 30% of total emissions.


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