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Blue Fields is an aquaculture startup that is seeking to disrupt the aquafarming sector by recognizing 2 key industry problems. These challenges include rising feeding costs and negative environmental footprint caused by toxic nitrate deposits due to intensive feeding of artificial foods.

Unchanneled rich microorganisms and natural resources in the pools has driven the team to innovate a self manufacture live-feed system, assisted by cutting edge Ai technology on a Saas business model which enables democratization of aquafarming feeding thus saving up to 15% of fish growth costs, better FCR, better environment and a much healthier fish.

As a solution to all of the above, Blue Fields’ offers a stand-alone marine microorganisms live-feed production and feeding system, powered by AI optimization and a SaaS application platform. The solution enables fish farmers to produce food independently, leading to significant cost savings, improved feed conversion ratios, and healthier aquatic crops. It also addresses the pressing environmental concerns associated with traditional aqua-farming practices. 

Zivan Shavit, founder, B.Architect and PM. Experience and business relationships in the fieldת experienced leading teams and development and project execution, interdisciplinary knowledge and ability, innovation and management.

Asaf Golan, founder, computer ai engineer. Highly experienced imaging systems, image processing, software, AI and computing,  technological leader, imaging solutions, algorithms implementation in artificial intelligence systems.


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