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Sima Analytics pioneers AI-driven optimization tools tailored to support container terminals and logistics operators in their efforts to boost productivity, maintain a superb level of service, and reduce operational costs. 

Its AI-based solution enables terminals to enhance capacity and maximize the efficiency of their mobile assets, such as Ship-to-Shore cranes, Rubber-Tired Gantry cranes, Straddle Carriers, and Terminal Tractors. Thus asset data becomes actionable operational insights.

History Co-founders Ben Benny (CEO), Alon Gozlan (CRO), Henry Harel (VP R&D), and Yaron Shani (CTO) co-founded Sima Analytics in 2023. They launched the company in recognition that there is a significant challenge facing container terminals and logistics centers. Data related to the equipment is fragmented and distributed in various IT systems, resulting in sub-optimal equipment maintenance, operations, sourcing, and asset replacement. 

All of this can lead to safety incidents, unplanned downtime, hampered levels of service resulting in revenue loss and penalties from shipping lines, and inefficient asset operation that costs terminals billions in spare parts, labor and service calls.

Sima Analytics’ AI-driven solution addresses this challenge and enables terminals to operate at maximal capacity and optimized profits.

The company is currently in its pilot stage. 


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