Blue Tech Summit IL.24

Blue EcoSystem

Israel has one of the strongest tech industries in the world, with some of the most startups per capita. Tech accounts for some 18% of the country’s gross domestic product. 

Within that space, Israel is also a leader in blue tech and advanced marine technology with innovative and sustainable enterprises across emerging markets.

Israeli blue tech, in particular, is rooted in:

A genuine desire to create a better world for future generations while being economically viable


Collaboration is a key component to our work within Israel's Blue Economy ecosystem. We work closely with our partner organizations which span across a number of sectors including energy, shipping and mobility, carbon, ports and coastal infrastructure, logistics and cybersecurity, ocean preservation, aquaculture, biotechnology and foodtech .

marine resources

Israel’s precious waterways and 273 kilometers of coastline are its lifeline. They play a crucial role in the country’s very existence, from trade to agriculture to individual water allowances. Governmental and public agencies across the country, responsible for multiple sectors and industries, collaborate in the preservation, maintenance, diversification, and expansion of these marine resources. The Inter-Ministerial Committee for Maritime Space, in particular, is tasked with enhancing the efficiency of maritime operations, safeguarding natural treasures within the marine environment, fostering blue growth, and ensuring the effective implementation of maritime policies. There are also many established companies and startups that are making a significant impact on Israel’s blue economy.
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