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Rewind cleans CO2 from the atmosphere by relocating residual plants to the deep Black Sea. Plants are made of CO2 captured from the air, and when they’re cut down, they decompose and release the CO2. Rewind collects residual plants, and, with patented technology, preserves them permanently in the Black Sea. The Black Sea is the largest anoxic sea in the world, already functioning as a natural carbon sink, absorbing and preserving millions of tons of carbon delivered by rivers. In addition, located in the heart of Europe’s bread basket, the Black Sea is surrounded by vast farmlands and forests. Rewind is building the technology to accurately measure this CO2 removal method and monetize it with carbon removal credits. Together with Black Sea governments and local supply chain operators, Rewind will permanently remove a billion tons of CO2 from the air.

Based in Israel, Rewind is led by serial entrepreneur Ram Amar, space engineer Kobi Kaminitz, ground & marine operator Eitan Brettler, and a founding team of leading scientists and environmentalists.

Founded in 2022, Rewind is on a mission to “restore the earth’s carbon balance by storing organic carbon in the deep anoxic bottom of the Black Sea.


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