Blue Tech Summit IL.24



First Airborne offers wind farms the ability to test their entire farm with unparalleled precision and scale. Its flagship patented product, Windborne, is an automated robotics-based wind measurement sensor, mounted on a drone, which conducts comprehensive wind turbine performance assessments quickly and efficiently – both onshore and offshore. 

Validated by Deutsche WindGuard, Windborne is as accurate as the best measurement instruments in the industry but with a unique advantage: it can fly. 

While conventional approaches can assess only about five turbines annually, requiring significant costs and logistical efforts, Windborne’s seamless mobility enables it to test over 100 turbines per year. This enhances operational efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Founder and CEO Boaz Peled launched First Airborne in 2017 as a top-down driven solution: he and his team saw that their idea could add value to wind farm operators, and concluded an appropriate price tag and mode of operation. 

They designed Windborne primarily to make operations easier for customers who can spend less effort thinking about the hardware and more time simply enjoying its benefits.


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