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Mozaico, a deep technology startup, upgrades seawater-cooled power plants while enabling the removal of gigatons of atmospheric CO2 and providing sustainable alternatives to mining. 

In a highly efficient single-step, the solution captures and sequesters CO2 into essential raw materials (minerals) while providing soft water for various uses. All while accomplishing a deeply carbon-negative, cost-effective, and energy efficient process. 

Operating profitably and independently of carbon credits, Mozaico’s solution increases the energy production’s efficiency, reduces power plant maintenance, duration, and consumables and also eliminates the need for environmentally hazardous chemicals for water pretreatment. These result in higher energy efficiency, lower production costs, and reduced carbon footprint, aligning with the startup’s commitment to impactful, profitable, and sustainable solutions.

Mozaico’s groundbreaking electrochemical technology was developed at Israel’s Technion in Dr. Charlotte Vogt’s laboratory. Dr. Vogt was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and is the recipient of the Eurotech Future Award and the 2023 Bielby Medal & Prize. The solution is IP protected with multiple patents.


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