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Seacrop’s goal is to make marine plankton edible. Although plankton is incredibly nutrient-rich and environmentally friendly, it’s been largely ignored by the global community until recently, due to the difficulty in harvesting it in a viable manner.

Enter Seacrop, which has created proprietary fiber technology that enables efficient and sustainable harvesting. Its technology addresses the issues that make plankton harvesting so difficult: minuscule and diluted targets, enormous flows, and very low-pressure gradients. With functionalized surface fibers, their technology can capture plankton particles via surface interaction rather than physical obstruction.

The company’s mission is to establish and provide plankton as a high-quality and abundant food source, thus addressing the global issue of increasing food insecurity.

Founded in 2017, Seacrop’s founder, Arik Pinto, is committed to using new and cutting edge technology to harvest marine plankton for global consumption.

In late 2023, Seacrop sent a team to conduct experiments in the Gulf of Elefsina in Greece, where they harvested and processed a crop to send back to Israel for further tests. They were accompanied and supported by Prof. Dionysios Raitsos, of the Department of Biology at the University of Athens.


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