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Bomvento is a climate tech startup that has developed an innovative approach to reducing greenhouse gases. Its solution involves using wind turbines to generate clean energy and photocatalysis to convert N2O (nitrous oxide) into the harmless substances N2 and O2. This way, wind turbines are turned into dual-purpose assets that generate clean energy while simultaneously cleaning the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.

This highly scalable and efficient solution removes thousands of tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year at a cost of only $50 per tCO2e (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent).

It makes Bomvento a trailblazing startup committed to creating a healthier and more sustainable world.

Bomvento was launched in 2022 as a cost-effective, easily scalable solution for the large-scale removal of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Bomvento achieves this with its patented solution that converts wind turbines into assets with a dual purpose: energy production and a tool capable of removing up to 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

In July 2023, the Calcalist and Doral Energy-Tech’s Israeli Climate Awards named Bomvento as one of its top 15 finalists.


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