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REplace is a renewable energy startup that addresses a critical challenge in the industry; identifying the best location to build a solar or wind farm.

The REplace solution uses cutting-edge data analysis to empower renewable developers to make informed decisions about where to build, reducing the current project development failure rate of 80% and accelerating the deployment of sustainable energy projects.

Developers answer three straightforward questions about their project, and the REplace solution analyzes multiple data sources using a proprietary algorithm to generate a list of the most suitable locations.

Users can access detailed information about the recommended sites and make informed decisions about the project location.

REplace is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and its international team of renewable energy project developers and data scientists is headed by CEO Matias Sigal.

REplace is committed to helping achieve a more sustainable future by making it easier for renewable energy projects to succeed. Its goal is to become the global software solution for renewable energy project developers and to drive the global adoption of renewable energy sources.


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