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DisperseBio introduces a solution to tackle biofilm by utilizing a natural coating that hinders microorganisms from sticking to surfaces. This development offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective remedy for combating biofouling, a persistent bacterial layer affecting various industries.

The company’s approach stands as a safe, environmentally sustainable alternative to toxic antimicrobial chemicals, impacting sectors such as marine coatings, desalination, water treatments, and medicine—all at a more affordable rate compared to conventional methods.

Founded by Dr. Amir Zlotkin in 2021, DisperseBio focuses on developing materials to counter microbial contamination caused by biofilm dispersion in critical sectors and healthcare systems.

Leveraging 15 years of research and five patent families, their solutions target practical applications in sterilization, cooling systems, corrosion control (particularly in the oil and gas industry), water treatment, coating of irrigation systems, and agriculture.


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