Blue Tech Summit IL.24



BlueGreen Water Technologies is tackling one of the most pressing issues on the planet: safe water. The company offers water remediation formulas that leave no footprint or residue, require no infrastructure, scale easily, and are cost-effective. Their water treatment is accompanied by data acquisition and AI-based analysis that maximize its effectiveness.  

These solutions also have the capability to remove enormous amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and the company has developed a methodology to allow them to do so and monetize the credits.

The company is led by a group of scientists who specialize in environmental science and microbiological disciplines, a powerful R&D team, and a seasoned board of directors. In 2021, BlueGreen was named Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year at the Global Water Awards. 

Founder and CSO of BlueGreen Water Technologies, Moshe Harel, recognized that pollution isn’t the only threat to clean water sources — aggressive toxic bacteria consistently make the world’s water supplies undrinkable and unsafe for human, animal, and plant life. 

The company tackled the problem from a technical perspective and created water treatment formulations that remove harmful bacteria from bodies of water AND tons of carbon from the earth’s atmosphere. 


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